Auman Video Production offers a number of services to help you create dynamic videos for your business online.


Video Marketing Strategy Session Not sure how video fits into your overall marketing plan? Curious about the types of videos your business should be making? Let us help you with a video marketing strategy session. This hour-long phone conversation is designed to help you develop a video strategy your business can use to help drive traffic and sales.

Concept Development Have a particular product or service you want to promote through video, but aren’t sure how? We can help create a concept for your video that ties in your brand and helps you sell.

Storyboarding and Scripting Need help working out the details of a particular video concept? We can work on storyboarding and scripting your concept so that when it’s time to shoot, you’ve got every detail worked out.


Video Editing You shoot, we edit. Our video editing services can save you valuable time so you can focus on what’s most important, your business.

Level 1 Video Editing Our most basic editing level is designed to get your video ready for promotion quickly. Level 1 editing includes basic video and audio adjustments, as well as simple intro and exit title slides. Perfect for video bloggers and anyone trying to give their basic videos an extra level of polish.

Level 2 Video Editing You’ve got a ton of great footage, but it needs to be edited, cut down, and refined into a finished, high quality video. Our level 2 editing services include all the basic editing, plus cuts, transitions, and additional images and title slides.

Full Service

Full Service Video Creation From pre-production planning, to filming, to post-production, we can create a video for you from start to finish. This is the perfect service if you aren’t interested in learning to create your own videos, and if you’re looking to produce high-quality, showpiece videos for your business.

Interested in working with us on your next video project? Email us at to discuss your project.